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Management Practice

The Department Management Practice offers the following two MTech full research qualifications:

MTech (Business Administration)

MTech (Entrepreneurship)


The programme aims to equip students with the skills to translate a business idea into a viable high-growth business venture. It nurtures a sound understanding of the overall market within which business development takes place. Through independent research, it enables students to contribute to knowledge production in a particular field. More specifically, it enables students to:

  • Master and apply sound global business practices
  • Leverage the intellectual capital of business practitioners
  • Develop and establish sustainable businesses


One year, block-release, after which the student is required to submit a research treatise.


BTech: Management or Equivalent

Detailed outline of registration procedure


Due to the unique format of the degree, the number of students admitted to the programme is restricted. Candidates are subjected to the following selection criteria:

  • Candidates must meet the minimum admission requirements.
  • Candidates are subjected to a selection interview after which the final selection is made.

A limited number of bursaries may be available for outstanding candidates.


The programme equips students with the knowledge and experience to create their own employment and to raise their marketability in the private sector.


Through a joint effort between academia and industry, students engage in real time projects with the view of establishing business enterprises at the completion of the programme. The just-in-time training principle is applied, where students are trained according to the specific needs of the project being undertaken. The programme places particular emphasis on the following issues:

  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Management Economics
  • Industrial Relations
  • Strategic Business Management
  • Research Methodology

Students work in teams and liaise actively with business practitioners in the private sector and post-graduate students from international academic institutions. Presentations by guest lecturers add an applied dimension to the programme.


Continuous evaluation is conducted through oral presentations, research proposals and written progress reports. Students are subjected to a summative assessment through the completion of an approved research treatise.


The curriculum focus areas are:

  • To equip students with an in depth knowledge of business principles and practices.
  • To enable the student to identify and evaluate business opportunities.
  • To provide the student with the opportunity to develop a research proposal under supervision.
  • To enable students to formulate a business plan founded on primary market research data.


  • Identification and selection of a feasible business idea.
  • Integration of new and existing knowledge in the field of business performance.
  • Development and preparation of a research proposal.
  • Compilation of a mini- dissertation.
  • Preparation and presentation of a business plan.


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